Galette des rois

January 6th, the feast of the Ephinany, and the famous Galette des Rois takes it’s place among the mouth-watering gâteaux and breads in boulangeries throughout France! Haven’t the French heard of new year resolutions to cut out all things wickedly sweet and tasty following an overindulgance of the same over the festive season? Apparently not! Suppose ‘Frencwomen don’t get Fat’ and all that!! Continue reading

Poule au Pot

Henri IV of France wanted all households in his kingdom to be able to relish in this great dish every Sunday… There are lots of variations on this recipe, I imagine stemming from whatever products were available locally. This one uses the best Normandy has to offer – chicken (or traditionally, hen) leeks, carrots, turnips and, bien sûr, crème fraîche.  Continue reading