1 Day Cookery class

One day cookery course

Cook simple dishes using local produce in the atmosphere and fun of our farmhouse kitchen – with a soupçon of culture thrown in!

Our one day workshops generally begin at 10a.m but if you’re lucky enough to be around on a Monday or a Friday, you may like to join in on a guided tour of the local farmer’s market, either in medieval neighbouring town of Bricquebec or more locally in Les Pieux.

  • One day course: €225/person
  • Market supplement: €25
  • Price includes cookery class, recipe folder, lunch and drinks
  • Non-participating lunch guests: €55

You’ll find the tastiest of artisan foods, sample whatever the passionate producers offer and help choose some really fresh produce for our cookery session. Afterwards, we’ll meet you back at La Blonderie for a hands-on cookery classafter which the fruits of our labours will be enjoyed washed down with a glass of local cider/wine.

One day course: €225/person

Non-participating guests are, bien sûr, very welcome to join us for lunch.

Video : visit of a French Market

A nice review with Normandy Foodie

You can read a nice review from Normandy Tourism Board who travelled through Normandy with a group of Irish journalists to explore the region’s culinary highlights, and therefore The Wilde Kitchen !

A small extract :

Back at La Blonderie, Sinéad talked us through the menu and we each picked a course to prepare. As we peeled, chopped, mixed, and cooked the ingredients into our three-course feast, Sinéad flitted amongst us to offer tips and check our progress. A force of nature, this Irish lass has a good story for every occasion and had us laughing all morning.

> Link to the review : Normandy Foodie review

To give you an idea of what’s on offer, please read one visitor’s account of a market day at the Wilde Kitchen.

Starting our lesson at the market in Les Pieux, we sampled new, interesting foods and met a new, fabulous friend with a passion for ‘la cuisine française’. Sinead’s joie de vivre fills the day and her kitchen! Everyone who meets her will enjoy a once in a lifetime lesson in food and fun.

Local vendors at the market invited us to taste regional specialities like Teurgoule – a Norman rice pudding, plus hand-crafted breads and cheeses. Selecting all fresh ingredients to prepare for our meal, there was still time for a café in the local bar before the cooking lesson began.

Greeted at the Wilde Kitchen by Sinéad and her family, she was kind to show us their 18th Century working farm, including the original bakehouse, which makes La Blonderie so unique.

Reviewing the lunch menu, it was time to get to work. Dessert first! Mousse au Chocolat: Created with farm fresh eggs and a special flavouring of homemade orange liquor – Quarante Quatre! Dark and milk chocolate mousse served in verrines.

Olive Tapenade introduced the culinary novice to creating easy hors d’oeuvres with the convenience of the food processor – the first addition to the appliance shopping list for the kitchen at home!

The main course – Poulet Vallée D’Auge, combined all the flavours of Normandy – Calvados,(apple liquer)local apples, mushrooms and walnuts. Browned in butter and oil, flambéed with Calvados, and simmered in cider, the chicken fell off the bone as it was served with mashed potatoes… A good Irish cook, Sinéad served potatoes, but with a French twist – adding hazelnut oil for a delightful flavour!

Camembert, the favourite cheese of Normandy, was uniquely prepared. Removing the cheese from the wooden box, Sinéad soaked the box in water, and then replaced the cheese and set the box in the embers of the coals of the fire. The cheese was softened, warmed and easily dipped with endive and crostini. Ooh là là!!!

The pleasant lunch finished with Mousse au Chocolat and Barry’s Tea! A perfect finish to a wonderful day. New foods, new recipés, new friends and new memories of France!

Many thanks to Christie for her very kind review

Another review

‘This was one of the best places we stayed during our entire trip! Great place, clean, perfect home away from home. Sinead was an amazing cook and teacher and the food was fantastic!’

– Janelle US

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